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We are looking for talents who will lead the future with art and Web3 together with Dasverse

​Core Value

#Passion for growth

We strive towards NASDAQ. Building sustainability with the best team.

#Pursuit of productivity improvement

To enhance the productivity of everyone, we create value through voluntary and active participation and sharing.

#Autonomy and accountability

We ensure independence and autonomy in each domain, and act responsibly with a strong sense of accountability.


As one team, one Dasverse, we unite as one and strive towards becoming the world's best.

Employee Benefits

In-house café operation

Bonuses for outstanding employees and those with 5 years of service

Support for project-specific incentives and team dinners

Incentive system

Support for job-related education expenses

Flexible working hours from 8 to 10 am

Support for congratulatory expenses

Domestic and international workshops

Dinner allowances and reimbursement for overtime taxi fares

Unlimited snacks provided

Free access to dasverse global services

Flexible use of annual leave

Areas of Support

Management Support Department

Finance / Accounting Team

HR / Administration Team


Global Business Team

Marketing Team

Business/Product Planning Team

Digital Content Business Division

Production/Planning Team

Video Team 1/2

Metaverse Development Team

Culture Complex Business Division

Production / Planning Team

Design Team

Sensory Media Development Team

Blockchain Research Lab

Planning / Design Team

Development Team

Business Team

AI Research Lab

Research / Operations Team

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