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The world's first LG OLED TV Premium Art Metaverse.


The world's first

Pixel Streaming Metaverse APP

High-quality graphics implementation possible with just a smart TV, without the need for high-spec hardware devices.


Pixel streaming

Seamless operation without interruptions is achievable on TV OS through optimization using Dasverse' proprietary technology, even without high-spec hardware devices.

초고화질 이미지 아이콘

Ultra-high-definition image generation system

The system combines optimization (downsizing) techniques with the ability to represent the texture and brush strokes of artworks, and creates a unique immersive experience through a 3D art gallery environment, allowing for heightened immersion.

최적화 아이콘

Optimized texture implementation

Even after optimization, the optimized textures can still represent realistic textures similar to the original in real-time.

렌더링 아이콘

Real-time rendering technology

We possess the technology to create environments that replicate real-world spaces even in real-time rendering environments using the Unreal Engine.

블록체인 아이콘

Blockchain wallet integration and the construction of tokenomics through technology

Building our own tokenomics within the metaverse by integrating a CryptoCurrency wallet with proven stability based on isms/isms-p certification consulting technology.

로우폴리 아이콘

Low-poly production technique

A three-stage optimization technique incorporating low-poly production, texture downsizing for primary optimization, HLOD implementation for secondary optimization, and utilizing asynchronous loading, real-time trace techniques, distance calculation logic, and more for tertiary optimization.


Various authors and diverse works of DAS METAVERSE seen on TV.

From popular works by renowned authors to contemporary media art pieces, DAS METAVERSE offers high-quality creations that provide a more immersive and lifelike experience than reality itself.

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